“The Beyonce”

One of my most favorites, i call this smoothie “The Beyonce,” due to it’s timeless, simplistic elegance and it’s ability to make you feel like the Queen Bee herself. One sip of this and you won’t care whether or not there’s a ring on it…smoothies are the only love you need.  This is my go to breakfast or post gym snack, and even my junk food junkie friends lap it up.

The Beyonce:

About one cup liquid base of your choice ( I use coconut water, but almond milk, regular water, or really whatever floats your boat will do. It’s a really flexible recipe.)

One cup Kale (You won’t taste it, i promise.)

1/2 cup Fresh Blueberries

1/4 avocado- (You wont taste it, but it makes this TO DIE FOR creamy consistency and adds a little calorie-good fat value.)

One cup frozen mixed berries (Try to get the ones that the ONLY ingredients are frozen mixed berries.)

Half a fresh banana (I usually eat the other half during smoothie prep. )

A drizzle of honey

Optional add ins:

Chia seeds- (for protein, usually my after-gym add in.)

Extra ice- (For more of a slushie, less of a smoothie consistency. Not my cup of tea but little kids seem to prefer it this way.)

I usually top it with pomegranate seeds and fresh raspberries for a little crunch and antioxidant boost. Swoon.

Stay badass!!


Screw Diamonds, Smoothies are a Girl’s Best Friend

Ohhh smoothies. Revered by all as the ultimate “fit girl food,” these low cal, high nutrient, dessert-like masterpieces are something i might be just a little bit TOO passionate about. They also happen to be the  unsung heroes of nutritional value. No matter how much credit they get, no matter how many instagram accounts are dedicated solely to the purpose of worshiping them, they will always be underrated to me. As someone who, to put it lightly, sucks at eating, i will be forever in the debt of these lovely little nourishment super drinks. Because of the blending process, the nutrients are all ready to be absorbed by your body, without you poor gut having to do any of the dirty work. They also have the benefit of giving you all the energy of a full meal (when done right,) without any of the belly ache or time consumption. Don’t get me wrong, i am a TOTAL foodie. I love food. I’ve had romantic feelings towards chocolate before that far surpass anything i’ve felt for another human. But on those days when i want to feel like a rockstar, hit the gym, ace the exam, and come out swinging, it’s all about the blend for me. SO, without further ado, i present to you the section of my blog dedicated to my one true love. Smoothies. I intend to add new recipes on the daily, (as i discover them,) and also post my classics for specific symptoms or goals. Whether it’s curing a headache, shedding a few pounds, shedding more then a few pounds, gaining a few pounds, fixing a mood, a little detox or just a craving, there’s a smoothie for it. And i intend to master them all.

Every day (hopefully,) you’ll see a new smoothie recipe added to the drop list.  Explore away, sparklemice. Revel in that smoothie feeling.

Stay badass,